Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another holiday, another birthday coming....Oh boy, am I really going to be 37???  It can't be!!  I was looking forward to having all 4 of us together for the 4th but it turns out Corey left town Monday again and won't be back until tomorrow evening....Just have to appreciate that he will be home on the 5th and 6th and the kids will be here too!!  As soon as my daycare girl leaves it's Mom and Kid time!!!  Can't wait!
I hope all have a safe and happy holiday!!  I know I will as I will be home with my kids...Not sure if we will venture outside with the heat but I know I sure need a little sun!! 
Be back next week for some more money saving ideas and stories of my so exciting home life!

Monday, June 25, 2012

So, as I sit here with the baby sleeping after a LONG night and a LONG morning I do my favorite thing on the computer (besides my new blog)....Superpoints!!  It is an invite only site where you just click a button every day to earn points.  You start out with 30 clicks a day and if you invite people and they join you go up to 50 clicks after 2 people and 100 clicks after 5 people....I have to say that once in a while I do an offer or a survey, maybe watch a video....You can turn those points into gift cards or paypal cash....I have gotten on to a lot of sites with that kind of stuff in the last year but this is my favorite and it works!!  You don't have to use a credit card, complete offers or any of that if you don't want to....I am all about the power of friends joining in!!  You get their points on top of yours and there is no pressure, anything hidden, etc....I am doing this strictly because it has worked for me.  I have 6 people signed up under me and they have multiples as well...Everyone is happy to take the 10 minutes a day to get some points towards cash or just a gift card to buy some extra necessities!!!
If you would like an invite, just let me know....I have plenty of them!  If you want to know more about it or ask any of the people that have signed up too, let me know that as well and I will set you up with them! 
I think I will be participating in the afternoon nap today.....Day 12 without my guy around and day 10 without my son around.....Anticipating their arrival and trying to set up some fun, easy, cheap little things to do!!  Enjoy your Monday and every day!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

And the fun begins!!!

Here we go, another new experience!  I have decided to start my own blog to share with people what I have learned a lot of over the last year.....
I had a baby last July, 10.5 weeks early.  It changed my life a lot more than I expected.  I already had a normal full term pregnancy with my son 13 years prior so I was already a bit nervous to start over again.  I feel like I have forgotten a lot and then to be thrown a curveball....YIKES!  My daughter was 2 lbs, 14 oz and in the NICU for about a month and then in the 2nd level nursery for another almost 2 months.  It actually caused me to lose my job and stay home once she came home from the hospital.  She was unable to be around groups of people due to the RSV virus so we pretty much had to go into seclusion until this past May.  Boredom had set in at times with my son at school all day and a guy who works on the road a lot so I got into Facebook a lot more, started following blogs and finding different sites to make a little extra money and deals, steals, and samples to save a little money.
I am here and ready to share what I have learned and see where this blog can take me.
With the cost of daycare these days and not having had a job to go back to I have taken in a few kids to babysit and have also started selling Scentsy....I figure, if I dab into a few things I can find my niche. 
I hope you follow and continue to follow my blog as I share my journey, what I have learned, am still learning, and deals, steals and more that I run into (and search for).....10 minute breaks throughout a day can keep us all sane, help us save money, maybe earn a little and take a deep breath!!!